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Just don't go with the pictures in the home page. Every Consultancy site looks almost the same. The matter would be copied from one to another, and of course, the process details are "Just to read" & "Not easy to Understand". Here @ Mohan Overseas, we make the process easy to understand and very simple.
There are some simple steps to follow if you are seriously planning for US Education.

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Mohan Overseas helps Students in University Selection, Rankings, Profile Evaluation, Recommendation Letters, Funding, Assistantships, Ms in USA etc...

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We deliver the accurate and correct information which has always proved to be reliable and true. We deliver the services as promised.

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Finding a Program That Meets Your Needs: Once you are through about your personal requirements for the perfect program, you need to get information...

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Mohan Overseas is Providing Quality Education Services to students who are planning to do M.S in USA. Respected Globally by Universities, Parents and Students, Mohan Overseas have been at the forefront of providing opportunities for education abroad. Our staff is highly trained and are dedicated professionals who frequently travel to Universities throughout the world, furnishing THE best advice and bring success for their clients. We have partnered with several organizations to offer study abroad scholarships. For information on other study abroad funding sources visit our Study Abroad Scholarships and Financial Aid. It is our goal to provide you - the international student - with the best study abroad and international student scholarship search online.


Mohan Overseas helps aspiring students to make the right overseas education decisions. Our expertise in the field of overseas education has made us a time-tested resource in helping students to gain admission for suitable courses in recognized universities across the globe.We deliver the accurate and correct information which has always proved to be reliable and true.



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